Yep, we had to include a play on the fun past-time of ‘trick or treating.’ But, more importantly, we wanted to give you some super quick and helpful tricks to revive your nonprofit’s peer-to-peer fundraising and a way to offer your fundraisers a few treats, making them want to come back year after year to raise for your nonprofit’s cause.

3 Fundraising Tricks (to help your supporters raise more)

  1. Offer your fundraisers tips and tricks. Maybe it is their first time fundraising, maybe they’ve been doing a fundraiser every year, regardless, fundraisers could always use some coaching. Give them email templates they can send out, offer them social media advice or give them information on what your nonprofit does to make it easier for them to communicate that to their supporters.
  2. Allow them to raise when and where they want. Independent Fundraising Events (aka DIY Fundraisers) are really gaining momentum in the online fundraising world and there’s a reason; flexibility. Maybe your nonprofit’s 5K is on your supporter’s child’s birthday and they cannot attend, maybe your gala is too far away… let them fundraise on their own time and in their own way.
  3. Mobile, mobile, mobile. Have we driven that point home enough yet? Allowing your supporters to access their participant center on their smartphone is essential. Furthermore, you’ll make it umpteen times easier for their own supporters to donate from their phones or tablets. Your org is more likely to see those dollars as they may forget to mail a check or log into their desktop. A great example of mobile optimized fundraising comes from The MS Society. You can learn more, here.

3 Treats to Offer Your Fundraisers

  1. Say ‘Thank You!’ It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many fundraisers don’t get a timely thank you from the organization they’ve worked tirelessly to raise money for. Your organization can create various ‘thank you’s based on the amount raised (for example, people who raise more than $1,000 get a special shout out on social media and a thank you card signed and mailed, those who raise between $500 and $1000 get a social media shout out and personal thank you email from your organization, and so on). Or a standard ‘Thank You’ email can go out to each fundraiser no matter how much they raised. First time donors are 4 times more likely to give again, if they get a thank you within 48 hours of their first gift, so don’t forget to say ‘thanks’!
  2. Tell them where the funds are going. Who doesn’t love the warm-fuzzy feeling you get when helping a nonprofit organization? While that warm-fuzzy feeling is great, it might wear off and leave your fundraiser questioning what exactly they raised funds for. Solution? Amplify that warm-fuzzy feeling and connect them to what they’ve helped! After the fundraiser is complete, send an email with a fun stat on how your organization is putting those dollars to use. A great example comes from Charity: Water, they offer a ‘completion report’ to show what the dollars raised facilitated, where it helped and how many people it assisted. At the bottom of their report, they even show who donated and made that project possible.
  3. Contact them! Not only after they have fundraised on behalf of your organization, but other times of the year as well. Send them a birthday card or email or wish them a happy holiday season. Special events are a great time to reach out and show that you still remember their contribution and dedication to your organization’s cause.

Halloween is this Friday, so be sure your nonprofit leaves its theoretical front porch light on so your peer-to-peer fundraisers will flock to your cause and fundraise on your behalf.