A wide range of nonprofits are teaming up; pronouncing the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving as a day to celebrate the spirit of giving. Giving Tuesday can kick off the Year End fundraising season with a bold call to action for both constituents AND consumers – GIVE BACK. With fresh, enlivened press coverage and a young, digitally-savvy audience, the campaign offers a host of beneficial opportunities whether or not you’re an official GivingTuesday.org partner.

The last months of the calendar year are critical to nonprofits’ fundraising revenue. For many organizations, approximately 40% of annual donations are received during Year End.

Here’s our 6 strategies to Giving Tuesday Success:

  1. Create visibility of Giving Tuesday on your website and blog. Feature a Giving Tuesday banner on your homepage that links to a donation form.
  2. Cultivate Giving Tuesday press coverage opportunities beforehand; it’s a terrific chance to showcase your organization’s story.
  3. Realize that Giving Tuesday is not a Year End strategy in and of itself – BUT it can be one element of your broader campaign.
  4. Send an eAppeal to your email file explaining the concept and asking for their #GivingTuesday gift.
  5. If resources allow, implement a one-day lightbox/splash page that pops up on your site with a link to donate.
  6. Ask your constituents to schedule their gift in advance so it charges their gift automatically on the big day.

This year, Giving Tuesday will be on December 1st, so August and September are the optimal months to get started with your strategy. Check out some of our Giving Tuesday strategy packages

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