Next Tuesday will the be the largest online giving event in history!

“The Local Community Giving Tuesday” will be May 6th, 2014 and will allow every person in America to become a philanthropist for the day. It is expected to be the largest single-day charitable crowd-funding event in history with over $40 million in projected donations! There are over 120 communities in the US participating and over 6,000 nonprofit organizations participating.

Your company could become a supporter of Give Local America by signing up as a corporate sponsor and sharing your support with others via email and social media, encourage your network to go to your Give Local America donation page and contribute and celebrate the impact your company has had on the local community and the national spirit of philanthropy after next Tuesday. There are numerous benefits to becoming a supporter of Give Local America. You can demonstrate your company’s commitment to improve its local community, attach your brand to the charitable interests your employees and customers are passionate about, generate positive PR and marketing opportunities and position your company as a leader in the reignition of the spirit of philanthropy!

To learn more, go to the Give Local America website. Or make a difference and Donate Now!

Confirm your participation by notifying Lori Finch at Lori@Kimbia.com or Dan Cohen at Dan.Cohen@networkforgood.org