The Giving and Technology Investment Guide is here! And it’s here to help nonprofits make smart investment decisions when considering digital solutions.

Data taken from the Charity Dynamics Interactive Investment Benchmark Study indicated that more than 95% of responding nonprofits plan to grow or maintain their interactive budget this year, with more than a quarter of those saying their budget will grow more than 11%. The Investment Guide provides important questions and factors to consider for a variety of interactive investments, including donation/e-commerce and mobile solutions.

Also included in the guide are tips for managing a cross-functional team and what to include in a good Request For Proposal (RFP) when soliciting help from multiple providers. Here are some recommendations for implementing an interactive strategy into your fundraising program.

  • Seek supplemental tools that generate revenue.
  • Invest in mobile solutions.
  • Work in cross-functional teams.
  • Collect bids for multiple players.
  • Use a combination of decision-making tools.
  • Maintain a long-term perspective.

These recommendations and more come with important tips on how your organization can better strategize, implement and monitor the success of interactive campaigns. For example, mobile solutions represent a significant opportunity for nonprofits to reach potential or existing donors, because more than 50% of emails are currently read on a mobile device. A similar percentage of all web traffic is mobile. Implementing a successful interactive campaign can be a complex mission to undertake, so it is necessary to fully understand the diversity of costs involved and all the steps in the process.

The Giving and Technology Investment Guide is a great place for any organization to start the process of ensuring an efficient and successful interactive investment strategy. It can also be used to supplement an existing campaign or strategy by ensuring that you make the most of your investment. To learn more about these recommendations, download our Giving and Technology Investment Guide today!