Everyone has needed help on a website at some point — and nonprofit sites are no exception.

Whether it’s a high-level fundraiser’s question about the best fundraising strategy or simply someone needing assistance finding the login button, an on-demand support team can provide informed feedback that not only resolves the issue but also bolsters the user’s confidence in and appreciation for the organization.

Charity Dynamic’s support team consists of support analysts like myself whose experience in working with an organization’s entire program helps us see the bigger picture for the participant and allows us to anticipate any needs they may have to make their time on the site as smooth an experience as possible.

Here are some common scenarios we encounter every day, how we use our experience to resolve them and examples of how even simple resolutions can make a big difference for your organization.

“Your site is broken! I can’t login/donate/register!”

Depending on the situation, there could be several reasons a user experiences trouble using your site. Taking into account the needs and demographic of the participant and user data about their site activity, support analysts are able to determine the best course of action to help the participant login, register or do any number of tasks they might be struggling with.

 A benefit of having live support is that it provides immediate resolution. No one wants to get thrown off their fundraising rhythm because they are bewildered about a site feature or are experiencing an error. They could become frustrated and leave the site, abandoning their donation and registration, resulting in a loss of donations as well as longtime participant support. Some donors and participants might also be wary of technology and need more guidance to navigate your site.

“How do I get started?”

Broad questions like these provide excellent opportunities to start a participant out on the right foot. It’s not just a matter of pointing out where the registration button is and calling it a day — support analysts deftly determine the goals of the user, walk them through the right steps and help them start fundraising with gusto. Often, questions like this start a conversation where the participant realizes they’re capable of forming a team, creating a Facebook fundraiser, downloading the Boundless Fundraising app and more.

“How will my virtual event work?”

At a time when so many participants and donors are experiencing personal disruption, we want to make sure that they know they are supported by the organizations they care about. In addition, no one has ever had a virtual event in a pandemic before, so the questions can be all over the place! They have ranged from “Do I have to walk/run the day of the event to participate?” to “Can I bring my cat along?”

We’ve seen organizations rise to creatively meet the challenges they face, and we are excited to help support the fundraising journeys they are on. As organizations and participants alike adapt to the quick evolution of virtual events, the support team can be a vital resource in helping that process go smoothly. And through our interactions, we also become aware of trends and gather data to inform future user experience changes and e-communications. We care about how your participants and organization succeeds long-term, so we love being able to help provide the tools and data needed to proactively address site users’ needs.

Want to learn more about how Lauren and the Support Team can help your Participants and Donors?