You may know the song by OMI that I’m referencing. And yes, I may have just gotten it stuck in your head (sorry). Your organization has many cheerleaders because of all the great work you do, but today I want to talk about one group of your cheerleaders specifically; the ones with the megaphone. What megaphone you may ask? Oh, the worldly megaphone known as social media!

Here are 3 tips on getting your cheerleaders to continue to GO, SHOUT, CHEER for your org all on social media.

  1. Choreography – send your cheerleaders simple, ready to Tweet cheers via email. Whether it’s a petition that needs more signatures or you want to get the word out that it’s National Rescue a Pumpkin Day. Add a small, easy to copy and paste tweet at the bottom with quick instructions and gratitude above it or you can use a tweet button.
  2. Pom Poms – Shiny and mesmerizing, pom poms are eye catching. You know what’s eye catching on social media? Graphics and pictures! But not any graphic or picture will do. They need to be the proper size and they need to be consistent with your branding. Here’s a great cheat sheet for social media sizing. Have a bank of these pictures on your website or event site so that your cheerleaders can use them to boost the impact of their cheers.
  3. Spirit – Many of your supporters are seeing social media as a way to communicate with you, not at you. Make sure you do your absolute best to communicate back – and even send the occasional “@nonprofitcheerleader – TY for your RT!” (TY = Thank You, RT = Retweet)

I hope this oh-so-peppy blog has given you some quick tips on engaging your social media supporters/cheerleaders. For more on social media engagement, check out this blog.