In Part 1, we looked at snapshots of two veteran P2P fundraising platforms, TeamRaiser and Classy, and what kind of nonprofits they could be ideal for. Now, we will look at three other platforms—two proven players in DonorDrive and RallyBound and a relative new kid on the block, Great Feats.

We used these five criteria in our evaluation and outlined them here to help nonprofits in choosing the right P2P fundraising platform:

  • Participant Engagement
  • Donor Engagement
  • CRM Integration
  • Reporting and Admin Support
  • Email Communications


Created in 2007 by Global Cloud, DonorDrive has great flexibility in implementing different types of fundraising campaigns with responsive design across devices. That makes the platform ideal for small to mid-sized nonprofits focused on one level of P2P fundraising as well as for national DIY programs.

In our evaluation, DonorDrive showed particular strength in its participant and donor engagement capabilities, as well as great CRM integration. The platform connects with both Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce, using built-in APIs to sync clients’ fundraising data with their CRM.


RallyBound offers customizable, mobile-ready fundraising pages that make participant and donor engagement that much easier to develop and maintain, making it a good choice for small to mid-sized nonprofits, particularly those working at one level of P2P fundraising. The platform’s flexible and user-friendly templates can also make it ideal for organizations that are new to P2P fundraising and want something that can be implemented out of the box.

Our analysis showed impressive reporting and CRM integration capabilities within RallyBound. Like with DonorDrive, RallyBound offers connections to Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce, and the platform also integrates easily with other related fundraising software, including email and payment tools. So, organizations that view technology as a critical success factor may find a good fit in RallyBound.

Great Feats 

An up-and-comer in the P2P fundraising market, Great Feats bills itself as a social engagement platform because it is finely tuned and integrated with social media. Not surprisingly, Great Feats scored strongly in donor engagement on our scorecard due to its robust social media tools. For example, organizations can choose to let people join and participate in and complete activities directly from social media. The platform also provides supporters with tools to recruit and fundraise via social media and email, and lets organizations recognize and reward top performers with leader boards.

With its flexible, built-in templates, Great Feats can be ideal for small to mid-sized nonprofits that want to launch a P2P program for the first time or improve a current P2P program. It can also work well for larger nonprofits that want to offer DIY fundraising or need to respond quickly to hot causes or current events by launching an awareness and/or fundraising campaign that integrates well with social media as a way to increase their reach and acquire new prospects.

And that wraps up our assessment of five peer-to-peer fundraising platforms! We know you have many outside of these to choose from and that it can be hard choosing the right one. Again, no one platform is perfect for every organization—but each platform is perfect for certain nonprofits.