Peer-To-Peer Perspectives

Maximize the potential of corporate sponsorships. Serve personalized event content through geolocation targeting. Consider adding a tribute page to allow your donors the ability to tell their own stories. These are just a few of the opportunities recommended by our latest panel of industry experts to grow peer-to-peer fundraising in 2018.

Watch our new 3-minute video and hear insights from the following panel. Special thanks to our experts!

  • American Cancer Society – Maria Clark, VP Distinguished Partners
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals – Elyse Meardon, Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships and Dance Marathon
  • Fisher House Foundation – Gillian Gonzalez, Director of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Charity Dynamics – Josh Vincent, Senior Designer
  • Charity Dynamics – Meghan Dankovich, Director of Client Success

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Video Transcript


“Some of the largest opportunities that I see for peer-to-peer moving forward is really with our corporate partners. The space that we work in within Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is not saturated at all, and if anything, we’re just starting to pick up with our peer-to-peer events having some corporate influence. So I think traditionally you see about 25% of overall funds raised coming from a corporate partner sponsorship, or underwriting – things of that nature. But with our Dance program and Extra Life program it’s maybe 10% – so 90% of our fundraising is coming in a dollar at a time. So we have a lot of opportunity to grow and expand in that area with our corporate partner relationships.” – Elyse Meardon, Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships and Dance Marathon, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

“One opportunity for nonprofits hosting peer-to-peer fundraising events is to start using geolocation browser targeting to serve the most relevant results to constituents that are coming to those sites. Geolocation is not necessarily a new technology – we’ve seen it around in the ecommerce world for years, but it is now starting to become more of a standard and more of a common practice within the nonprofit event space, as well – to remove friction and make the user experience smoother and more personal for users who are looking for events in their area. We’ve helped several clients set this up on TeamRaiser platform to serve event search results or other conditionalized content based on where they are.” – Josh Vincent, Senior Designer, Charity Dynamics

“I think for us, one of the biggest opportunities for growth in the last year was adding a tribute page. Giving someone the option to actually add the obituary, or tell the story of why they selected Fisher House Foundation to honor their loved one. Before we had where you could just go to the regular donation page and make a memorial donation, but being able to tell their story, and why they selected us, has made a huge difference and has made a really big impact on the program.” – Gillian Gonzalez, Director of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Fisher House Foundation

“In assessing where your programs might be in their lifecycles, it’s important to think about how you might steward your constituents from one program into another and not be afraid to do that. Ideally, you’re keeping people in your family somehow through some channel. If we can activate them through multiple channels – wonderful!” – Meghan Dankovich, Director of Client Success, Charity Dynamics

“It’s very important for us to understand our customer’s experience. What they feel, how they like the events that they attend – I’d love to hear from other nonprofits how they measure and what they do to improve the customer experience because that’s a great way to get people to come back. If they have a great time, we know they’ll return and support our organizations. So I think the more we can learn from each other about what makes a great experience, the better we can all be!” – Maria Clark, VP Distinguished Partners, – American Cancer Society