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Dealing with Disruption in the Nonprofit Industry

Each year, thousands of individuals who have been impacted by disease, or who are passionate about a cause, start new charities with the hope of creating positive change in the world.

And while these actions are embraced by all who share a similar passion, it often represents a disruptive force to those organizations that focus on similar missions or causes.

How should organizations respond to these challenges, which often result in increased competition for fundraisers and donors?

John Vranas, Chief Development and Marketing Officer for The Humane Society of the United States, breaks down why we might need to change our mindset to foster more impactful growth.

White Paper: The Impact of On-Demand Support on Event Fundraising Performance

In the latest white paper from Charity Dynamics, we examine how on-demand support for your participants can be a simple but important way to ensure your online event fundraising goes smoothly.