End-of-Year Fundraising

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3 Easy Tips for Kicking off 2020 with a Bang

You did it! 2019 is in the books, and hopefully you’ve taken a well-deserved break. Now it’s time to turn your attention to 2020. Most organizations make a vast majority of their annual giving revenue at year’s end, so it’s important to set your organization up for success ahead of time.

In our latest video, Charity Dynamics principal consultants Dolores McDonagh and Tara Mermis present three key things your organization can do right now to plan for an even-stronger fundraising year.

White Paper: The Impact of On-Demand Support on Event Fundraising Performance

In the latest white paper from Charity Dynamics, we examine how on-demand support for your participants can be a simple but important way to ensure your online event fundraising goes smoothly.