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Fundraising Tools You Can Use to Help Combat COVID-19


The situation surrounding the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, changes day by day, and the impact of this disease will continue to be felt in the weeks and months to come. Nonprofits are already canceling or postponing their spring and summer fundraising events to ensure the health and safety of all involved (and beyond). But while virtual events can be substituted, fundraising results will potentially decrease, especially given the economic uncertainty stemming from business and school closures.

Nonprofits will need to be proactive and innovative to weather this storm. So what can your organization start doing today in light of COVID-19’s impact on fundraising?

Join us Tuesday, March 24 at 12pm CT, as Charity Dynamics consultants Sue Dalos, Tara Mermis and Dolores McDonagh provide recommendations to help your organization face these challenges head on. They will discuss strategies for getting out ahead of the pack in the areas of virtual events, social media, messaging / content strategy, and donor-advised funds & special appeals.

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