Donna Wilkins, CEO and Founder of Charity Dynamics, is constantly shedding light on the important things that surround fundraising day in and day out.

She recently hosted, or should I say ROCKED our webinar, Mobile and Social Fundraising Insights, by giving us key factors of what fundraisers are doing successfully in, what we like to call, the mobile world.

Here are three major takeaways from the CEO herself:

  1. Know how to spot a successful fundraiser – look for people who set fundraising goals, make self-pledges, send emails and share photos and videos. Donna says, “These are the people who are already fundraising and are looking for new and better ways to do it.”
  2. Understand the personas of participants – Ask yourself, what are the different communication channels that fundraisers are using the most, when are they using them and why?
  3. Come to terms with the mobile world – Once you realize the majority of participants are using their mobile devices to fundraise you will then understand how you can provide them with the right tools to do so effectively. Donna offered, “One of the most common behaviors of mobile fundraisers is the collecting and sharing of stories through photos.”

The people who have already identified themselves as fundraisers are more likely to benefit and participate in suggestions and adopting new ways to improve. The Boundless Fundraising™ Suite is a great way to improve mobile fundraising. The application has played a huge role in the success of event participants as well.

Here are some stats from Donna about Boundless Fundraising:

  • 69% of donors who use Boundless Fundraising are new
  • The average donation from an iPhone is $70.77 and the average iPad donation is $74.16.
  • Almost 2/3rds of iPhone donations are through Facebook and almost 3/4ths of iPad donations are through email.
  • Facebook and mobile application’s highest adoption rate happens with cycling, multiday walks and endurance events.

All of Donna’s insights lead back to one main idea; mobile is the new black. Mobile and social use is growing drastically with event participants. It has been proven that fundraisers are utilizing mobile devices now more than ever, to increase their success and reach their donation goals faster! If you missed the webinar, don’t fret, you can watch the on-demand version!