With event participants becoming increasingly digitally savvy, the National Kidney Foundation saw an opportunity to use modern technologies and social platforms to maximize the amount of revenue it generated from each donor, as well as reduce fundraising friction by making it easier to donate. So when NKF reached out to Charity Dynamics for help with their peer-to-peer fundraising event, Kidney Walk®, we were ready.


Although this might seem like a difficult task, the solution was simple, so simple it can be defined in two words: Boundless Fundraising™

The Boundless Fundraising suite allows participants to:

  • Track their fundraising progress
  • Quickly and easily update their personal fundraising page
  • View a list of their donors
  • Send emails from their smartphone asking for support or to thank donors
  • Stay updated on important event details

We knew that by NKF implementing the Boundless Fundraising suite application for their ‘Kidney Walk’ program it would enable participants to extend their fundraising activities to their social networks, SMS and email. And the results were astonishing.

After conducting an analysis measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), the results really said a lot. Across all of the metrics, participants using the application for fundraising significantly outperformed their peers who didn’t use the app. Returning participants who used the app in 2014 saw a considerable lift to their fundraising performance.

Deanna Bucciarelli, National Walk Manager told us, “With the implementation of the Boundless Fundraising Suite, we are able to meet our constituents where they are and provide convenient tools to help them fundraise for Kidney Walk.”

After seeing great results in 2014, last year NKF completed the Boundless Fundraising Suite by adding Tablet. ‘Kidney Walk’ participants are now engaged and using mobile and tablet devices more than ever and the increase in fundraising shows it. By promoting the app in their autoresponder emails, on their ‘thank you for registering’ webpage and in their Participant Center they have reached a wider adoption, which has resulted in more dollars. And who wouldn’t love that? We put together a case study that will show you just how much we did, and how the results really paid off for NKF. 

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