Our Charity Dynamics retained strategic services clients receive weekly status updates that allow us to plan and track initiatives that help our clients reach their digital communication and fundraising goals.

Each week, we share the most innovative ideas we see in the industry and look for ways to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Here are three of our favorite ideas from the last month:

1) Rethink your event support
We recently took a look at one of our event support customers who uses phone and email support services to manage their participant and donor questions. We found that participants utilizing chat or email support raise nearly five times more than those who don’t. Participants are also twice as likely to make a self-pledge, three times more likely to update the personal page and four times more likely to send emails from the PC. On top of that, donors utilizing chat or email support give nearly twice as much than those who don’t.

Support is about empowering your TOP fundraisers and donors! Ensure you are making the right level of investment in professional support to handle these committed constituents.

2) Let Video Be Your Hero
We love testing and frequently checking the results from the folks at WhichTestWon. Recently, they ran a test to demonstrate the impact of prominently featuring video on the website and concluded that ‘video tends to create an emotional pull that resonates as viewers move through the conversion funnel. Higher video engagement at the top of the funnel can lead to more sales at the bottom.’ Consider shifting from an image-only slider to one that includes video to maximize your own results. Learn more about hero videos here.

3) Tackle Your Unsubscribes at Entry
For some clients, more than 50% of constituents making a donation or completing a registration are opting out of email at their point of entry into your system. That means your organization will never have the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with these engaged supporters via email.

First, diagnose your own unsubscribe rate by looking at the percentage of people who are new to your system but not accepting email. Then evaluate if your donation and registration flows make it too easy to opt-out, or don’t provide a compelling reason to stay on the list. Finally, make updates to the form that strikes the right balance to improve your ability to communicate via email with your donors and participants.


About Charity Dynamics Strategic Services Retainers:
Charity Dynamics Strategic Services Retainers are planned, hours based, ongoing engagements where project teams collaborate on the short and long term needs of the client. A strategic retainer allows for flexibility and access to the full diversity of expertise on the Charity Dynamics team including consultants, web developers, analytics, designers and UX experts. Raise more money, reach more donors and make a bigger impact by leveraging our team to meet your digital fundraising and communication goals.