All Charity Dynamics retained services clients get weekly status updates that allow us to keep track of all the various initiatives our teams are collaborating on.

Each week, we share the most innovative ideas we see and look for ways to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Here are three of our favorite ideas from the past month:

1) Make Impact with Video as your Hero
Many landing pages make an impact by displaying a large image or carousel of images front and center. This is commonly known as a ‘Hero’ or ‘Hero Shot’ and it is intended to show rather than tell your users what the site is all about. Take this feature to the next level by using a video as your hero.

Here are a couple examples of organizations using video in this way:

Pretty impactful, right? For more information, click here.

2) Get more out of your links – It’s easy with a Google Analytics URL Generator
Tracking email campaign performance goes beyond the number of opens, visits or clicks.  Using a custom built Google Analytics URL generator within Excel will allow you to have enhanced campaign-based analytics reporting for your web properties. The generator produces links with URL variables that are then captured within Google Analytics.

Start with documenting tags for each of the following:

  • Campaign: Used to identify the marketing campaign, such as Website, Monthly Newsletter, Welcome Series, Summer Challenge
  • Source: Used to identify referring traffic source such as Facebook, twitter or iteration of a campaign such as Welcome Email #1, Lightbox Promo – May, Newsletter – June
  • Medium: Used to identify the medium of the marketing effort, such as email, social, lightbox
  • Content: Used to identify format of marketing content, such as text link, navbar, footer, sidebar

Then utilize Excel to dynamically build each of your links consistently. Your Charity Dynamics Project Manager can help you establish a template and process for getting the most out of Google Analytics.

3) Power your next campaign with a micro-site
Consider taking your campaign to the next level by empowering your constituents to do more than simply make a donation. The recently launched Foundation Fighting Blindness Summer Challenge incorporates education, advocacy, traditional fundraising, peer to peer fundraising and more into an interactive micro-site that keeps constituents engaged.

Check it out here:


About Charity Dynamics Retained Services:
Charity Dynamics Strategic Retainers are planned, hours based, ongoing engagements where project teams collaborate on the short and long term needs of the client. A strategic retainer allows for flexibility and access to the full diversity of expertise on the Charity Dynamics team including consultants, web developers, designer and UX experts. A dedicated project manager is assigned to each client retainer to ensure the proper resource is made available for the specific client needs. To check out ideas from past months, check out  April, March, February and January!
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