Our Charity Dynamics retained strategic services clients receive weekly status updates that allow us to plan and track initiatives that help our clients reach their digital communication and fundraising goals.

Each week, we share the most innovative ideas we see in the industry and look for ways to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Here are three of our favorite ideas from the last month:

1. ActionSprout’s Winning Combo: Next Level Profile Picture Frame Campaign

ActionSprout, the Facebook tool known for empowering you to use aesthetically pleasing “social actions” on Facebook to build your email list, just made the branded profile picture frame a whole lot better. It’s nice to ask people to “donate” their Facebook profile picture by branding it to your cause or specific campaign and then track the total number of people that agreed to take the action as your main key performance indicator. But what if you could get something more than just the general sense of a successful awareness campaign? What if you could have the contact information for every single person that updated their profile picture?

ActionSprout took two of their most beloved features, Social Actions and the Profile Campaign, to create their newest social action: The Profile Picture Frame.

  • Supporters can change their profile image and spread your cause.
  • You then receive their name and email address for future communications.
  • You also see key metrics like completion rate, views and more.

You can get a taste of ActionSprout’s social and acquisition capabilities with a free plan. But their mid-level Silver Plan that allows you to export a CSV file of all action takers and import their emails to your file is only $29 per month. Trial run, anyone?

2. They Leave, You Learn: Insights from Unsubscribes

Unsubscribes are not a bad thing. Say it again: unsubscribes are not a bad thing. You want someone to leave your list if they don’t plan on engaging with your content, as they will only drag down your file as an inactive audience member in the future or, worse, report you as spam. But rather than having a “good riddance” attitude about unsubscribes, consider taking a moment to set up a relevant unsubscribe survey (or editing your existing one) to get valuable, ACTIONABLE insights.

Many unsubscribe survey questions haven’t kept up with the changing email landscape. When asking someone why they are opting out of communications with you, organizations should include responses like:

  • “The emails are too long.” (And other content and design issues.)
  • “Email is not mobile-friendly.”
  • “Your website doesn’t work well on my mobile device.” (That’s right. Don’t just blame email. Consider the whole conversion process experience.)

Litmus takes a look at building an unsubscribe survey you can actually learn from so you can optimize the experience for those constituents that remain opted in. Read more about it! 

3. 5 Lessons Learned from Donating $25 to 25 Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good did a pulse check on the state of the online donation process last week and found a wide variety of design, layout, and functionality that made donating to multiple organizations in one sitting a “somewhat frustrating, and at times, perplexing experience.” They have a few interesting takeaways, including the fact that only 8% of nonprofits attempt to convert online donors into social media followers during the “Thank You for Your Donation” process even though email and social media were the two driving factors behind online giving in the 2016 Global Giving Trends report.

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