Our Charity Dynamics retained strategic services clients receive weekly status updates that allow us to plan and track initiatives that help our clients reach their digital communication and fundraising goals.

Each week, we share the most innovative ideas we see in the industry and look for ways to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Here are three of our favorite ideas from the last month:

1. The new fundraising kid on the block – Facebook

Facebook has launched Facebook Fundraisers, a new Peer-to-Peer fundraising tool that’s integrated directly into Facebook. According to a Facebook spokesperson they describe it as: “Fundraisers let people raise money for your nonprofit on Facebook. Your supporters can set up a dedicated page to share their story, tell others about your mission and rally around a fundraising goal.” Sound familiar? Think crowdfunding meets DIY on Facebook.

What’s the coolest thing about it? Everyone is still on Facebook – so your audience reach is pretty amazing.

What’s a NOT so cool thing? Donors have to opt-in to sharing their information with the group they are giving to, so this means you’re not guaranteed to get the email addresses of people who donate to you through friends’ fundraisers. You don’t even get email addresses for the people who fundraise for you!

So should I move all my Peer-to-Peer fundraising to Facebook? No!!! Your P2P platform is still the best engagement tool with all of the tools, bells and whistles (think coaching and support) that Facebook Fundraisers doesn’t have. You’re not going to suddenly see a mass exodus to fundraise on Facebook. Just like the early days of DIY where money just came in the door after the fact, you will start to see money coming in from Facebook.

2. How to create a Twitter Moment for your nonprofit

Twitter Moments as defined by Twitter are curated tweets collected into a story. First launched in October 2015 in partnership with a select few media partners, as of September 29 all Twitter users can now create Moments. Check out this article to see how your organization can play along! – https://www.nptechforgood.com/2016/10/23/how-to-create-a-twitter-moment-for-your-nonprofit/

3. Reaching donors who give through donor advised funds

3% of giving is now made through Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), with the number of individual DAFs growing 29% from 2010 to 2015. DAF Direct is working with four major DAFs, Fidelity Charitable, Greater Kansas City CF, Schwab Charitable and BNY Mellon to make it easy for supporters to recommend grants from their DAF directly from an organization’s website using a web application. The app is free and neither donors nor organizations incur any download or transaction fees for gifts made using the app. Check it out! – https://dafdirect.org/index.html

About Charity Dynamics Strategic Services Retainers:

Charity Dynamics Strategic Services Retainers are planned, hours based, ongoing engagements where project teams collaborate on the short and long term needs of the client. A strategic retainer allows for flexibility and access to the full diversity of expertise on the Charity Dynamics team including consultants, web developers, analytics, designers and UX experts. Raise more money, reach more donors and make a bigger impact by leveraging our team to meet your digital fundraising and communication goals.