Development teams are working hard to bring in new funds and support with a campaign. With so much effort being exerted in email, social media and website communications, it can become overwhelming to think of the next message you’re going to send out to your constituents on social media, through email and on your organization’s website.

When kicking off a new campaign, these three channels must be utilized in such a way that the message your organization is communicating doesn’t get tired. Conveying the same message and call-to-action in a fresh way doesn’t have to be as tough as you might think.

When you are communicating the same campaign message on three different mediums, you should:

Beef up your campaign strategy: Outline your goals each year. Create a SWOT analysis to outline your campaign strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From there, you’ll have a clear guideline to improve your campaign year-after-year. Also, learn from other organization’s campaigns. What are they doing right and wrong? How can you use that knowledge to build your campaign up?

Keep branding consistent – Don’t reinvent the wheel. It may seem like a novel idea, but changing design and messaging doesn’t let your campaign be memorable nor does it lend itself to association. Your audience needs to know that this campaign belongs to your organization and if it’s been consistent over time, they’ll always remember it. If you want to change it up, consider a refresh of copy and design. Think Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure! The branding is consistent and so is the goal. Consistency throughout is key!

Be repetitive with your messaging – No, don’t copy and paste your messages on your social media pages or recycle the same emails over and over. Do remind people why you’re talking to them. Remind them they have only a few days left to donate and remind them you have X number of families (or individuals or animals or parks, etc.) waiting to receive their help. Remind them that they are important to your organization and tell them why over and over, in as many ways as possible, across these channels.

The theme here is… use what you have! The great thing about campaigns is that you can build on them and come back stronger over time across multiple channels. What’s even better is that when you do this, you’re saving time and money, all the while creating a solid campaign that your supporters and newcomers will look forward to when they login to their social profiles, email and check your website!

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