The holidays may seem like they’re far away, but as you well know they’ll sneak up on you! The holiday season brings about two very significant fundraising occurrences; End-of-Year campaigns and #GivingTuesday. While a savvy nonprofit pro will integrate these together, it’s important to plan for both. #GivingTuesday is a great opportunity to ramp up your crowdfunding and End-of-Year campaigns are just sensible as donors remember that their charitable contributions are tax deductible gifts.

Crowdfunding continues to gather momentum as these events recruit up to 60% new high-value donors and deliver priceless brandraising. New single-day crowdfunding records have been recently set and surpassed: North Texas Giving Day in September 2013 raised $25.2M, #GivingTuesday in December 2013 raised $32M, then Give Local America in May 2014 raised $53.7M. Talk about some serious fundraising! #GivingTuesday is on December 2nd this year and you will need to plan well in advance to get a piece of this huge giving pie.

We have devised our five strategies for #GivingTuesday success:

  1. Create visibility of #GivingTuesday on your website and blog. Feature a #GivingTuesday banner on your homepage that links to a donation form.
  2. Cultivate #GivingTuesday press coverage opportunities beforehand; it’s a terrific chance to showcase your organization’s story.
  3. Realize that #GivingTuesday is not a Year-end strategy in and of itself – BUT it can be one element of your broader campaign.
  4. Send an eAppeal to your email file explaining the concept and asking for their #GivingTuesday gift.
  5. If resources allow, implement a one-day lightbox/splash page that pops up on your site with a link to donate.

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