Is your website ready for the unexpected? While we hope catastrophic situations — from site outages to emergency maintenance to other technical difficulties — don’t happen, it’s best to be prepared. And now Blackbaud is making preparation easier by offering Luminate Online clients a new standard maintenance landing page.

The new maintenance landing page, which is customizable by organization, provides a way to communicate with site visitors in case of an emergency. You can post a message explaining the site is temporarily unavailable, direct users to another site or direct users to social media channels where you can post updates in real time.

The maintenance page offers the following customizable features:new standard maintenance page

  • Your logo
  • You organization name
  • Message
  • Links to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter
  • Email address
  • Links to another website
  • Mailing address
  • Open HTML/CSS input area for custom styling

With the custom styling capabilities, you can give the maintenance page the same look and feel as the rest of your site — and offer users a cohesive site experience even when you’re dealing with an emergency.

The page, which is editable in Luminate Online’s Standard Page Center, will be available for customization in Q4 2015 and available for deployment in early 2016. Blackbaud says this is the first step toward more robust outage capabilities in Luminate Online.

While the page can also be used during planned maintenance, it’s really an invaluable tool for communicating with users during an unforeseen outage. We recommend setting up your maintenance page as soon as possible rather than waiting until after a disaster has occurred. We’ll be crossing our fingers that nothing unexpected happens — but we’ll also sleep a little easier knowing we can be better prepared.