With over 400 national parks across the country, The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) helps connect millions of Americans with the joys and wonder of nature. The beauty of our national parks was not always represented on the NPCA’s website, however. Prior to partnering with Charity Dynamics, their website had become highly cluttered and difficult to navigate. NPCA knew it needed updating. The Charity Dynamics team embraced this challenge and sought out to create a site that engaged visitors while communicating the NPCA’s mission.

We were able to completely redesign the site, adding modern features and stunning photography that captured the essence of our national parks. In addition, we redesigned the CMS back-end, creating new site architecture with multiple custom layouts and an easy to use modular sidebar. This all contributed to making the new NPCA site fresh and relevant to visitors.

The new site was developed with the intention of getting visitors involved, either by donating, advocating, visiting or even spreading the NPCA message to friends. We integrated social media, google maps, the National Parks online magazine and a customized action center that allows visitors to log in and manage donations. A Share Your Story feature was also implemented, with personalized messages that inspire others to support the NPCA mission.

Charity Dynamics helped The National Parks Conservation Association to develop an online presence that visitors can freely explore and find what matters most to them, much like the hundreds of beautiful parks managed by the NPCA. With more than 750,000 members and supporters, NPCA is the largest independent membership organization dedicated to protecting our nation’s natural, historical and cultural heritage for our children and grandchildren. We were able to help them reach these members in a way that is modern, appealing and easier for them to manage. The updated site can be found here, and more information on this case study can be found on the Charity Dynamics website.