Problems We Solve

Fundraising. How can we help you fundraise? The list is long, and includes online, event, peer to peer, year end, email, and social media. If you can dream it, we’ve done it. If you haven’t dreamed it, we have. Let’s put our ideas together and create a new reality for your fundraising results.

Attracting New Supporters. They’re out there, you just need help finding them. We devise and execute a game plan for delivering idyllic constituents to your database. You know the type: enthusiastic, dedicated, involved, generous and ready to share their love for your organization with the world!

Getting Constituents Engaged. All supporters have value for your nonprofit, and some have more untapped value than others. Charity Dynamics helps you target those one-time donors, the people on your list who never respond, and the participants who attend events but don’t fundraise. We can create a strategy and provide the tools to get them more engaged.

Using Technology to Deliver Results. New technology often seems mind-blowing during the sales presentation, but mind-boggling once it’s installed. No worries. All the great features you bought it for are still there, and we’re here to help you use them. Whether it’s a CMS platform, website, social media tool, or any technology you use, we make it deliver results.

Successful Event Fundraising. When it comes to runs, walks, rides or even virtual events, Charity Dynamics has the knowledge and know-how to lift your event fundraising results. We work with 25 of the nation’s top 30 events, providing strategic direction and fundraising solutions for mobile, Facebook and email.