One of our final orders of business in 2018 was partnering with Double the Donation, the industry-leading matching gift software for nonprofits and educational institutions. They offer the most extensive matching gift database out there, including more than 20,000 companies, subsidiaries, and spelling variations. We’re going to talk a bit more about that partnership, but first…a word on why matching gifts are so cool in the first place.

The first and obvious point to make is that matching gifts help you raise more money. It’s estimated that $2-3 billion go to organizations via matching gift programs annually. In some cases, nonprofits have tapped into that to boost their revenue by over 25%.

But that’s not all…when you present the opportunity of matching gifts to your donors, it sends a message to them that you are working to make the most impact possible with their dollars. It’s a great way to honor their contribution and provide a little extra incentive to donate.

More than half of fortune 500 companies offer matching gifts as an employee benefit, so there’s A LOT of money available through these programs. Moreover, a great deal of it apparently goes untouched. Something like $4-7 billion in matching gift revenue gets left on the table every year.

That’s a big chunk of change. Why not go after that? The answer, put simply, was administrative burden…at least it used to be. Our new partners at Double the Donation offer a revolutionary matching gifts platform called 360MatchPro, which shoulders the administrative burden completely.

The team here at Charity Dynamics is excited to help you implement 360MatchPro so that you can start collecting as many matching gifts than ever before.

360MatchPro relieves your staff from the typical workload challenges that come with administering a matching gift program, completely removing human error along the way. Not a single matching gift opportunity will slip by without a follow-up from your organization.

This solution is fully customizable. You can choose whether you’d like to address your donors about matching gifts right on the donation page or after the donation is complete. How you’d like to incorporate matching gifts into your donation process is up to your organization.

One of the many great things about matching gifts is that it is never the wrong time to mention them. In fact, the biggest hurdle to collecting matching gifts is lack of donor awareness, so we suggest including information about matching gifts everywhere you possibly can.

With 360MatchPro, every donor is automatically sent a follow-up email. These emails can be broad or can include donor-specific information about matching gifts!

Matching gifts are an opportunity for donors to double their impact without sparing a single extra dollar. Who wouldn’t want to do that? So get out there and start spreading the word about matching gifts!