The broad topic of ‘time’ has always been a fascination of mankind; time travel, time passing by, countdowns to a specific time… and much, much more. Time has also inspired numerous quotes, movies and songs. Time by Pink Floyd is my husband’s favorite song and I have to say it’s high up on my list as well. Another great song entitled Time was written and performed by David Bowie (may he rest in peace). Bowie’s Time begins with, “Time, he’s waiting in the wings.”

david bowie

Celebrated Time:

There are endless ways to use national events, seasons and holidays. And don’t think you have to stick to just ‘official’ holidays. ‘Non-official’ holidays can be tied into your cause as well. Depending on your organization, certain celebrated events and holidays can be a perfect tie in. Trying to save the environment of an endangered primate? Tie in Year of the Monkey!

Unofficial holidays like Penguin Awareness Day are popping up and they are hot! If you have enough time, support and budget, you might even be able to create your own unofficial holiday (just be sure to market it well in advance).

Gold star goes to the Cincinnati Zoo for naming their newest baby penguin Bowie because it was born on David Bowie’s birthday. It was also during the zoo’s ‘Penguin Days’ campaign and the newly discovered unofficial holiday, Penguin Awareness Day. Talk about timeliness! I know all nonprofits can’t have a super cute penguin chick born on an internationally loved rock star’s birthday and can then compound it with a new, fun awareness day, but creativity and thoughtfulness can go a long way.

Election Time:

Elections in the US, Canada and all across the world bring attention to a variety of hot button issues. If your organization is involved with one of those issues, now is your time to gather support and educate the nation. It’s no secret that the US is ramping up for the Primary Elections very soon and then we’ll be in full two-party (whether you agree with it or not) battle for the white house for the 2016 election.

Your organization doesn’t have to get ‘political’ to be involved. You don’t have to take sides or campaign one way or another – in fact sometimes it’s best to not bring up the actual candidates, but to focus on the issues and bring to light that your organization is already working for the cause. Election time brings ample marketing opportunity for fundraising campaigns as well as advocacy campaigns, so be sure to coordinate all sides!

Throwback Time:

Everybody loves Throwback Thursday (#TBT), but there’s so much more you can do in the throwback space than just a social media post. Technology, when used right, can really tug at the heartstrings and millennials are loving it. The for-profit space is totally getting it. Subaru’s First Car Story let users create their first car in a real-time animation, which of course took some web development skills, but it was certainly a memorable campaign. The ‘Reading Rainbow’ Kickstarter is a fantastic example of nostalgia driving donations.

If you’re low on budget, you don’t have to create something huge. Tie into a milestone date of a famous historic event that effected your nonprofit’s mission. Or a peer-to-peer event can use nostalgia by using pictures throughout the years of their signature event to show longevity and fun through the years.

Let your marketing campaign bring all the feels for your supporters and they are certain to remember it.

Time is waiting in the wings for your marketing efforts and it’s up to you to utilize time to your advantage!