Peer-to-peer programs are a crucial element within a nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. In 2012, peer-to-peer programs generated more than $1.68 billion in revenue for the top 30 programs alone. To maximize your event revenue, it’s important that your organization gives its participants the tools not only to succeed, but enjoy fundraising so they’ll want to participant in your next event.

Our Recommendations:

1.  Help your participants reach their full fundraising potential by providing a series of tips throughout their fundraising time. Giving them helpful tips throughout can help give your participant ways to successfully fundraise the whole way through.

2.  Create a great participant experience through an event mobile app. Mobile is essential. People are spending more time on mobile devices than they are on ‘traditional’ means of technology. Push notifications and engaging interactions make it easy for your participant to ask more people, more often from the convenience of a mobile device.

3.  Throughout the registration and fundraising experience, help participants remember the impact their participation/donation has. Share photos, service delivery stories and more to keep them motivated and connected to your cause.

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