The feeling your donors get when they make a donation to their favorite cause makes their hearts flutter. What if they received the same incentive in their inbox?

We focus so much time and energy in planning campaigns that will pull at heartstrings and get people to donate now. We’re always brainstorming ways to energize donors to keep donating, but how much of that time is spent on making sure our donors feel appreciated and fulfilled after their gift is made? How can we incentivize their donation experience?

Donors receive PDF copies of their receipts through Blackbaud Luminate Online. This tool lets you customize receipts. Typically, a nonprofit will include its logo in the attached PDF receipt, along with the required fields and call it a day – but we don’t always have to keep it so simple!

Take advantage of the customization capabilities offered to your organization through Blackbaud Luminate and turn receipts into a treat for your donors!

Blackbaud Luminate lets you upload an image to your PDF receipts as long as the file contains the receipt content with appropriate fields and text blocks. This example PDF receipt is for a tribute gift.


Remember, it is important to thank your donors and going the extra mile in new, creative ways is always a good idea.

This is an especially useful tool organizations can use for donations to branded campaigns, special events, independent fundraising events (IFEs), and during holidays. There is a lot of flexibility and so much room for creativity. Consider the full audience when customizing these receipts, though. You are limited to one image upload per PDF receipt template.

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