The who, what, where, why and when of maximizing your nonprofit’s online presence!

What are we talking about?
Ways your nonprofit can maximize its online presence!

Why is maximizing your online presence important?
There are over 2.1 Billion people using the internet everyday, can your nonprofit really afford to not be reaching them? With zero signs of slowing, the data keeps growing. As you can see from this infographic.

Who is doing this?
Boston Children’s Hospital is engaged on their websites and on social media. They keep all mediums up-to-date with relevant and engaging content. This dedication to a continual online presence is making a huge difference with their fundraising and engagement efforts.

Where should my nonprofit start?

  • Don’t just have a website because you need one, use it to its fullest potential
  • Post content (with a date) on your website’s homepage a minimum of once per week
  • Connect with your supporters through social media
  • Make content shareable
  • Display social content
  • Encourage social-enabled comments (but be sure to watch out for spam, by approving comments before they can be posted)
  • Integrate social conversations
  • Help Supports Take Action with How to Guides and what they can post/share on their own social profiles
  • Don’t rely solely on your website or donate button for donations
  • Just because you have a donate button on your site doesn’t mean you’ll see the cash start rolling in, you’ve got to earn donors through things like this:
    • Emotionally captivating storytelling
    • Donor and volunteer testimonials
    • Consistent communication
    • Thanking them, thanking them (and thanking some more)
    • Create a Content Schedule for both your website and your social media channels
    • To make sure you’re not overloading your audience with too much or just irrelevant information, create a content schedule. Setting up a schedule will help ensure that you are posting regularly and a posting a diverse range of content.

The content schedule might look something like:
Monday – Question/Poll
Tuesday – Share external resource
Wednesday – Promote latest organization news
Thursday – Comment on another organization’s post
Friday – Share external resource
Weekend – Live updates for weekend event

How can I learn more?