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Year-end Starts Now!

Over 25% of the average nonprofit’s annual fundraising is made in the last 2 months of the year. However, most nonprofits don’t start their year-end planning until October.

Fundraising on Facebook

Facebook recently launched Facebook Fundraisers, which enable individuals to solicit donations from their friend networks on behalf of causes they support…

New Ideas from Strategic Services – May 2017

Each month, we share the most innovative ideas we see in the nonprofit technology industry. Here are three of our favorite ideas from last month…

Integrating Search Function with Donation Forms

Can your donors find the participant or team they want to support on your event site? Many P2P fundraising events face this challenge…

The Indispensable Art of User Testing

The Indispensable Art of User Testing

Imagine attempting to explore an unfamiliar city without ever consulting the guiding map on your phone? Similarly, when organizations create digital platforms without conducting user testing, they risk leading their users on an equally disorienting journey.

Fundraising Predictions for 2024

Fundraising Predictions for 2024

The conclusion of the year provides an opportunity to contemplate the successes achieved. With 2023 drawing to a close, the Charity Dynamics consulting team has taken a moment to predict fundraising trends for 2024 and beyond, peering into the future with the aid of their metaphorical crystal ball.