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A collection of videos showcasing industry best practices, innovative products and key players in the peer-to-peer fundraising space.

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What is Your Organization’s ROI (Return on IMPACT)?

It is critical to talk about ROI. But we’re not talking about “Return on Investment.” In this case, it’s critical to think about your organizations “Return on Impact.”

How do you get your constituents to engage with your organization’s mission and cause? How can you help them realize their Impact?

Let our Principal Consultant, Digital Strategy & Customer Success Sean Staggs explain why organization’s need to be on top of Return on Impact, and how mobile tools – such as Engage by Charity Dynamics – can by critical for building this community of support.

Motivating Millennials

Movember shows us how they have managed to maintain the interest of millennials.

P2P Forum

We sat down with a number of thought leaders to gain insights and share a number of key takeaways from the conference.

P2P Perspectives

The Ride for Roswell and Dolphins Cancer Challenge explain the successes and challenges of pivoting the events back to in-person

Boundless Solutions™

Charity Dynamics and Dunder Mifflin combine for a tutorial on our full product suite.

Boundless Life™

Michael Scott and company walk you through how to provide a personalized community for your supporters.

COVID-19 Perspectives

Sean Kramer from Diabetes Research Institute Foundation discusses how org strategy has changed due to the pandemic.

COVID-19 Perspectives

John Scott from National MS Society discusses how org strategy has changed due to the pandemic.

COVID-19 Perspectives

Doug Ulman from Pelotonia discusses how org strategy has changed due to the pandemic.

EOY Content & Messaging

Check out these three great tips that will help you organize your end-of-year planning

On-Demand Event Support Stats

Data shows that utilizing on-demand support increases fundraising up to 5 times more.

2020 P2P Forum Highlights

Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Founder and President, David Hessekiel, gives us a few takeways from the P2P Professional Forum

3 EOY Fundraising Tips

Plan to increase your fundraising this year with three key things your organization can do right now.

Dealing with Disruption

John Vranas of The Humane Society of the United States, breaks down why we might need to change our mindset to foster more impactful growth.

Giving Tuesday Tips

Get some incredible insider tips from Kendra Sinclair at Facebook to gear up for a successful Giving Tuesday.

Improving User Pathways

UX and Design Manager, Josh Vincent, shares some best practices for streamlining user action pathways and donation forms.

Fundraising Areas of Focus

Krystn Kuckelman from National Kidney Foundation shares her thoughts on which fundraisers to focus efforts on.

Favorite UX Tools

 UX Director offers a few tools that can come in handy when trying to balance qualitative design elements with quantitative data.

Top Digital Acquisition Strategies

Lan Freitag from Children’s Cancer Research Fund shares some great  strategies for success.

CMN's Path to Livestreaming

Michael Kinney of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals explores the untapped fundraising potential of livestreaming.

Open to Sharing Your Perspectives on Peer-to-Peer?

We’re spinning up a new video series highlighting thought leaders from the P2P fundraising industry and we’re on the lookout for a few willing participants! Let us know if you’d like to ‘step in front of the camera’ (via Zoom) to share your thoughts around the future of the space.