Our Charity Dynamics retained strategic services clients receive weekly status updates that allow us to plan and track initiatives that help our clients reach their digital communication and fundraising goals.

Each week, we share the most innovative ideas we see in the industry and look for ways to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Here are three of our favorite ideas from the last month:

1. Lightboxes: Like Them Or Love Them?

I have been engaged in a large number of conversations about “lightboxes” of late. Do they really work? Do people like them? The truth is, like any content, the key is relevance. The content needs to describe the action you want them to take and benefit of taking action; while the call to action itself needs to be clear.

Check out our latest Lightbox solution introduced for the National Kidney Foundation Walk promoting the Boundless Fundraising Mobile Apps. This single activity resulted in a 98% increase in mobile application downloads and a 26% in revenues (YOY) received directly through the Boundless Fundraising solution.

2. The Charity Dynamics Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Mixtape: How to Make Your P2P Platform A Hit!

Looking for the “next big idea” in P2P fundraising? Then you won’t want to miss this months Trends Webinar. Join Sue Dalos and Colleen Legge, as they highlight some exciting new platform features from developers across the P2P space. You’ll see real life examples of how organizations are raising more money with new (or re-imagined) digital functionality that is engaging users like never before.

If you are looking for insights and inspiration for your own fundraising evolution, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. Join us on March 16th (11am CT/12pm ET) to hear about some of our favorite Peer-to-Peer fundraising innovations in the market today.

Register to reserve your spot!

3. Great Feats Platform Integration

Have you ever wanted your P2P fundraising pages to be able to incorporate an event like a Happy Hour or Scavenger Hunt? Great Feats platform has the ability for a fundraiser to start their own ticketed event within the P2P page. We love this because friends and family can attend an event and donate. They also have Google Map and Calendar integration. (YAS!)

See this demo of how it works!

Here’s what we have to say about this: Don’t be a prisoner to your platform. Currently Great Feats has this but Charity Dynamics helps clients innovate within the chose chosen platform through CD Labs.


About Charity Dynamics Strategic Services Retainers:

Charity Dynamics Strategic Services Retainers are planned, hours based, ongoing engagements where project teams collaborate on the short and long term needs of the client. A strategic retainer allows for flexibility and access to the full diversity of expertise on the Charity Dynamics team including consultants, web developers, analytics, designers and UX experts. Raise more money, reach more donors and make a bigger impact by leveraging our team to meet your digital fundraising and communication goals.