Well, it has been quite a month. We hope you’re hanging in there and staying strong and healthy. Our hearts are heavy for those impacted by COVID-19 and we want to do our part to try and help you stay positive during this time. We will all get through this.

And let’s be honest – the news is making all of us nervous. Never has there been a time in our lifetime where so many are in the same boat. Waiting. Worrying. Hoping for the best. As the UX team at Charity Dynamics, we were talking about things we are doing in our lives to turn a bit of a “meh” feeling into a bit of a more positive one. We hope it inspires you and it also begs the question, what are you doing to make your “Life UX” a bit more positive during this time?

1. Connect daily with each other (by Brenda Miele)

We are all working from home these days for an undetermined amount of time, so one thing we’ve established is a Zoom meeting daily to just check-in and see how we’re doing. Not only does it help us see each other virtually, but it also gives us time to express any concerns or problems as a team. From a manager perspective, it helps me check-in and make sure my team is supported and if they have needs, I can address them quickly.

A few quick links to a few online tools allowing free access for nonprofits so you can keep connected:

2. Introduce more fun (by Josh Vincent)

Keep in mind that connecting with each other daily doesn’t have to be all business. A goofy photo or meme thread gives people a light way to engage between meetings and tasks, and it provides much needed levity during this worrying time. Do you share your home office with pets or kids? Rope them in for a laugh (or a frown).

Old Halloween costumes laying around? Explore unconventional fashions during your remote team meeting to keep things interesting while staying productive and making the best of the situation. 

3. Keep up with the normal routine (by Brent Swaine

Let’s face it, rolling out of bed (or even staying in bed) and just starting work without of a lot fuss has been a dream of many. Even though some of us are lucky enough to be able to do just that, now every day for an indeterminate period of time, don’t fall into the pit of making this a habit.

Keeping your normal morning routine has shown to lead to a more productive day as well as keeping the structures you follow if you were working from an office. However, working from home also has its benefits like going on a run/walk with yourself or your dog, or even just going to check the mail.

Lack of structure is the third main issue when working from home (Isolation is #1, and burnout is #2 – see the items above for those other solutions) so if you keep your routines and/or adjust them for your home situation you’ll stay this side of sane (or you could go all in and just pretend you are at your office desk talking to your co-workers).

Speaking of structure and sanity, creating schedules when you’re working from home with little monsters running around also helps (as well as these tips).

4. Keep moving (by Damaris Alfonso)

Kill two birds with one stone and take a walk with your morning coffee. Your body produces vitamin D in the sun, and vitamin D (and seeing the outdoors/greenery) is vital to your physical and mental health. And while out, just be sure to keep a healthy distance (6 feet) from any other walkers you may come across. Long-neglected yard work is another good reason to spend time outside (I know what I’m doing this weekend…).

Additionally, many fitness apps and gyms are currently offering longer trials, free downloads, or streamed classes while everyone is stuck at home. Now’s a good time to try out Peloton (free for the next 90 days and you don’t need a bike!), Down Dog, and many others that are giving out longer trial times.

So tell us…what’s helping you to maintain your “life UX”  during this time? Feel free to share tips by tagging @charitydynamics on social!

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